Lead Generation: 7 easy and inexpensive tactics for passionate service providers to connect with more prospects

Listed below are 7 easy and inexpensive ways for you to generate leads.

1. Social Media

Social Media is not just a way to stay connected with your clients, but it’s also a great way to attract new clients as well.

Cost: Social Networks have no charge to join, the only “cost” is the time you have to put in to build relationships with your former and potential clients.

2. Network

Networking is such an important part of any business, and even more so to service providers. Network as much as you can with whoever you can – you never know who may know somebody in need of your services! Quick tip: Always carry business cards on you!

Cost: Free – Making friends doesn’t cost a dime, although it’s a good idea to invest in quality business cards that spread your message.

3. SEO ( search engine optimization)

Use SEO for your website or blog to increase traffic,  instead of online advertising.   SEO can be done in a number of inexpensive ways, and if done right can dramatically increase  your blog and website traffic.

Cost: Free to Inexpensive to Expensive, depending on how you go about it. Hiring someone or to improve your SEO can get spendy, so get recommendations from someone who has seen an actual increase in their search engine rankings from hiring someone.

4. Ask for referrals & testimonials

This one is simple – ask clients to refer you to their friends! Word of mouth is a powerful thing. In addition, ask for testimonials or success stories. Use these to talk to potential clients about your results.

Cost: Again, Free!

5.Cold Call

Cold Calling is about as old school as it gets, but hey – it works! It’s an easy way to get the word out about your gifts and talk with potential clients face to face about what their problems are and what kinds of solutions you have to help them.

Not everyone is comfortable with cold calling, which is fine. An alternativefor doing it yourself is hiring students in need of cash to generate leads by cold calling for you. Just pick personable people, provide them with a good script and pay them for every lead they generate.

Cost: Free – $5/per lead. The avg. price for paying someone to do your cold calling for you is about $5/per lead.

6. Contact Forms

Include contact forms on your website and blog. This way potential clients have an    easy way to submit all their information at once. Clients are more likely to fill out a contact form right then in the moment that they are reading about you, than to take down your information and call you later.

Cost: Free – many websites offer contact form applications or plug ins for no cost.

7. Online and offline PR (public relations)

Build hype and interest in your business through a good public relations strategy.Social media campaigns are an extremely popular PR tactic.

Cost: Free – Expensive        If you do it yourself, free.

Going through an established PR firm is effective, but can be very expensive. One way to decrease some of the costs, if you feel you can’t do it yourself, is to contact your local college or university – many of them have public relations students that would love to get their hands on your PR, and they often will offer to do pro bono work for you, just to give their students experience!