Twelve Books

I work with small business owners to help them build their most successful and nourishing and fulfilling and energizing business. And I do that by helping them not only to get more clients, but by helping them get more ideal clients – clients that are nourishing to them, that are fun to work with, that remind them why they started doing what they do in the first place.

So that’s my goal and I’ve got a little “Build A Better Business” tip for you.

I would encourage you to make a list of the books that you want to read in the next year.

Now some people don’t read, but I would highly recommend that you spend a little bit of time everyday or every week reading.

And what you want to do is read books that nourish and fulfill you, that inspire you to do better work, that give you great ideas.

There’s nothing wrong with fiction or magazines or newspapers or comic books and stuff, a lot of these are… even novels are… filled with a lot of negativity, and I really believe in filling yourself with positive things and things that are motivating and inspiring.

So there’s a ton of books out there that I’ve read that have been really life changing for me, and so what I have done is I have actually created a list of the 12 books I want to read this next year.

I read voraciously and most likely I will read more than twelve, but I’ve got one planned out for each month of the next year.

Actually this was a tip that I heard from James Malinchak, and I really like it. I think it is a great idea to make a plan for the next year as to which books I’m going to read, and then I have one set out for each month that I can read and just really fill myself with positive, inspiring, motivational reading material. It doesn’t matter if it is a business book – a lot of my books that I read are business books and self help books and a lot about keeping a positive attitude and how to just live better in the world and be a more successful, whole, well rounded, spiritual, energetic being I guess.

So definitely create a list for yourself. Some of them can be books you’ve read in the past, that you found to be particularly inspiring, and some are books that you’re wanting to read.

Mix it up a little bit on your list.

If you want to, you could have a list of 52 books and read one book each week. But of course some people don’t have time for that. But if you do, if you are a voracious reader like I am, maybe you want to create a list of 52 books.

So that’s my productivity, “Build A Better Business – Have A Better Life” tip for you.

Make it a great week.


P.S. Use the comments to share with me some of your favoritest, most life-changing books!! I’m always looking for the next thing I want to read!