List And Relationship Building

Ah YES! One of the most controversial statements in the internet marketing world revolves around this “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST”. However did you know that the money is only in the list if that list is RESPONSIVE!

It’s what we call relationship building my friends. Building or establishing an online base of customers/consumers is no different than building a customer base of people offline.

Let me put it this way. If you own a shop and have about 10 customers that always come in and you always ask them how they are, find out how you can help, give an honest opinion about the merchandise and products that you are selling, send them email or text messages when new stock or special offers arise, and so on and so forth.

Will not those 10 customers be inclined to keep buying from you? They become basically your friends and begin to open up to you more and even give you feedback on your services and products without you even asking because it reaches a point and time where they feel that the shop is almost like theirs. You get where am going with this?

On the other hand you could  have a situation where you have about 2000 customers and when each and every single one of them come into the shop you look at them with the attitude of “You buy or you get out, it’s that simple!”. Tell me. How many of those customers would keep coming back to the shop? They know the shop, at present they are customers BUT for how long?

You probably are thinking what I’m thinking. They will go first chance that they get, because honestly we are all people and human beings and want to be treated with courtesy and respect.

Now when it comes to building an online list it’s the same thing you have to build a relationship with them. 1st of all you have to have a list of course.

Now list building can be a lot of stress and hassle but imagine….what if you could get people to build your list for you at the same time get paid for doing it??

Would this not be something that would be of interest to you? There are many many ways to building a list and one way that I have found that builds me a list the fastest is by getting others to build a list for me.

Do not have time to write all about it now as that is another topic on its own and could get me writing a whole journal but if you want to find out more on the most powerful and most effective way that people are using to build their list in the world of internet marketing today I suggest you visit the link below.

As always thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my short little article. I do hope that you really enjoyed it.