Finding Your Passion


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Imagine you are looking back on your life when you are 100 years old…


How do you want your life to look?  What do you want to have accomplished in your life?  Who have you touched or how have you made a difference in others’ lives?

Once you hit a certain age, finding your passion and turning that into something you can use to serve others while providing a fabulous income for you and your family is something that you are longing to do.  You want to be in the position that you will not just enjoy your work, but you’ll feel so nourished and fulfilled by running your business that you can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning to go share your gifts and passions with some more of those people that you’re meant to serve.

But here’s the stumbling block for a lot of people – see if this resonates with you…

Maybe you don’t know what your passion is?

To address that, here are a few questions for you to consider:

What are your interests and hobbies?
Photography is a common hobby among people.  The people who take that hobby and turn it into a photography business have successfully found their passion in life and used that to make their business.  This also allows them to be successful because they are passionate about what they are doing and it shows in their work.

Fitness is another hobby that many people have.  If one of your passions is fitness, there are many possibilities that stem from that as well – one example being to become a personal trainer.  Think about it: Your enthusiasm for fitness could help someone else become passionate and make a life-changing decision to be more health-conscious because of your passion. And that life-changing decision could literally SAVE their life. How awesome would that be? To know that in following your passion, you have created those kinds of powerful impacts in the world?

This leads me to my next question…
What do you enjoy doing that doesn’t feel like work?

If you are passionate about what you are doing in your business, that passion turns into a better service or product for your customers.  You also will most likely be more enjoyable to work with.  The most important part is that work doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do.

Who do you love to work with? What kinds of people do you love to be around?

Football fans love to go to the game more than just watching it on TV… Why is that?  The game is so much more enjoyable and fun when you are around other people who love football (and the team) just as much as you do.  Use this same concept for your business.  Finding your passion and turning it into your business allows you the opportunity to spend your time at work around the people who inspire you.

What is preventing you from doing what you are truly passionate about?

Whether it is money, pressures from family, time, or some other factor, people tend to find reasons for why they can’t do something.  The question you should be asking yourself is “Why not?”  Or maybe the more impactful question is: How can I do that?  Figure out how to figure it out. When you are truly passionate about your business, nothing else should really keep you from following that passion. You deserve to be energized and fulfilled by your work.  The fear of failure also plays a major role in why people don’t want to pursue what they really love.

A question that I ask people a lot is…

If money were no object, what would you be doing?

What I mean by that is people tend to not do what they are truly passionate about because they feel that it costs too much or they won’t get enough money in return.  While money is an important factor, it’s not always everything!  In order to find your TRUE passion, you need to think about it while you’re eliminating the money factor. That part can be worked out later. Let your imagination partner with your passion to create all kinds of potential options for your most energized and nourishing life.

Now that you have determined what your passion is…

What do you want to get out of your passion?

Hopefully, you have decided that you want to pursue your passion and form your business.  Building a business around your passion would be everyone’s dream.  I mean… who wouldn’t love to go to work every day and do exactly what they love to do?  Back to the photography example…  If you love photography, why wouldn’t you allow yourself to love working in a world where all you did all day was compose stunning photos and create visually stunning works of art?  It sounds like a dream come true to me. J
…And helping people find their passion and build a business that energizes and nourishes them is exactly what I do!

Ready to make your everyday life fit closer to that dream you imagine?  Leave a comment, share your dream, your goal, your vision, your passion…I’m interested to hear where you want to go.


Social Media: Share your passion with the world

Social Media is on the rise, and my guess is that it’s going to continue to rise for quite awhile. So why not utilize it to its fullest? Social Networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter aren’t just a place for idle chit chat; these sites are great tools to share your passion with people while at the same time promoting your business.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Consider these questions…

What lead you to your passion? – Share it!

Are there ongoing discussions on message boards relating to your passion, gifts, skills and/or experience?  If so, join them. If not, why not start one?

What are you currently doing to share your talents with the world?  –  A simple status update could share this news with everybody.

By actively posting/talking about your passion through social networking sites you can not only build hype on the subject itself, but on your business as well. At a time when businesses are a dime a dozen, customers aren’t just looking for someone with the lowest price, they want to be engaged and they want to know the people they do business with.

By sharing not just your business/products through social networking but also sharing the passion behind it you are more likely to find your IDEAL CLIENTS. Because then your clients are no longer coming to you just for your service, they are coming to you for the relationship you have developed and the passion that translates into better products and better service.

So what are you waiting for? Get online and start sharing your passion today! But remember to stay honest, authentic and promote what you love.

Make it great!


Top 6 Benefits of Using a Business Coach

Top 6 Benefits of Having Your Own Business Success Coach

Before starting a new journey, be it a new business, partnership, etc…, it’s best to weigh out the cost versus the benefits – even when hiring someone to help you on this new journey such as a business coach. Below I’ve summed up some of the major professional and personal benefits of using a business coach, and more particularly, using me as your business success coach. Below you will find what I consider to be the top 6 benefits.

1. Guidance

One of the top benefits of using a business coach in general is the guidance they will provide to you. While a coach won’t do the work for you, they are there to help you to see both the forest and the trees. Many small business providers can feel bogged down with the details of marketing, managing and all the other hats you have to wear while running your own business. A business coach is there to essentially “hold your hand.”  Not only do they start you down the correct path to a fulfilling and successful business by helping you to define your vision for where you want to be, but they are with you each step of the way, making sure you STAY on the correct path.

One thing that happens far too often for business owners is that they fail to set goals for themselves. You may be one of those that think “Hey I know what I love to do, and I’m just going to do it. Why would I need a plan?”  Or “I know my goals in my head, why would I need to write them down?”

Well, as I’m sure you’ve heard before, goal setting and actually writing your goals down on paper have been proven to strengthen certain neural pathways within the brain which then subconsciously helps you to move more quickly and efficiently towards your goals! Your business coach can guide you in the process of developing and setting your ideal goals.

2. Accountability


Just like any other type of professional coach – football coach, music coach, trainer, or whatever it be – your business coach will not only help you set goals for yourself, but they’ll make sure you stick to them. Too often we set goals for ourselves, and as life gets busy we start to let those deadlines slide. An accountability partner is critical at this juncture. Not because you don’t have the best intentions – I know that you do have. But life will get in the way – and we let it. In my position as a business coach, I’m going to hold you accountable for the deadlines and goals you have set for yourself, ultimately helping your reach your dream career faster.

3. Brainstorming

Ever heard the expression that two heads are better than one? Of course you have – because it’s TRUE! Having another person to bounce ideas off of is going to help you come up with new ideas, strategies, goals, etc., and help expand on the old ones. Brainstorming is great way to solve problems and your business coach can bring experience, fresh insight and new energy into the mix, ultimately helping you come up with the most appropriate solution.

4. Balance

Many business people fall into the trap of the “your business is your life” philosophy. Personally, I believe that your business is your business and your life is your life. Yes, your business is important, but your business needs to be a functioning piece of a bigger whole. Your successful business will obviously help you to create your most satisfying and fulfilling life, but it’s only one piece. You also need to consider how the other aspects of your life fit in: health and wellness, fun and recreation, family and relationships, spiritual fulfillment, education/career, giving back to the world, etc.

It really depends on what you want your business to look like. And even if you want to be the “Oprah” of your marketplace – we can still do that in a way that you are able to achieve a healthy balance between all the aspects of your healthiest and happiest life in concert with your business.

(We will be talking more about the importance of balancing your life and your business soon in an upcoming post — Personal Development and Business Development: They go hand in hand. So watch for that one!

5. Positioning

My strength as your business success coach is to help you position yourself in the marketplace so that you are no longer “just one more real estate agent, hairdresser, health coach, chiropractor, dentist, energy healer, etc., in the vast arena of many other generic —insert job title here—”  By defining what makes you unique and setting yourself apart from the rest, it enables you to attract an energizing and fulfilling client based filled  with your IDEAL clients.  Together we work together to make you a recognized and preferred brand name in your market – be it local, regional, national or international. I like to say that I help you to become the Oprah of your marketplace.

6. Authority and Credibility


You’ve heard it said “It’s not what you do, it’s who you know!” Well I take that a step      further:

It’s not who you know; it’s who knows what you do – and do they care?

Do you recognize the ring of truth in that? One of the most important aspects in running a successful business and attracting clients is what they call the “Know, Like and Trust” factor.

In addition to the networking tactics and strategies that a typical business coach can help you with, I also provide you with an insight and perspective on how you’re coming across in your promotion and marketing materials, and what kinds of things you can do to build that “beyond excellent” customer service aspect of your business so that you are consistently building an army of raving fans that not only “Know, Like and Trust” you and your gifts and skills, but they’ll also help you to spread your message far and wide, helping you to draw in more of your ideal clients.

I actually have a signature system that allows us to work together to elevate you and your business from being one of the generic masses in your field up through trusted advisor, credible authority, likeable expert to recognized and preferred brand name (up to the Oprah of your industry if that’s how visible you want to be.)

To find out more about placing yourself and your business into the position of recognized and preferred brand name, so that your name stands out from the masses in your industry, you can visit my coaching website at . Please feel free to leave any comments or questions by clicking the comment icon at the top right corner of this post.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this post resonates with you!

Make it great!



Welcome Readers!

First off, I would like to start by saying welcome! You probably know me, but for those of you that don’t, my name is Theresa Whiteside and  I specialize in positioning heart-centered entrepreneurs (or “agents of change” as I like to call them) as the go-to person in their arena. What the heck does that mean? Well, to break that down a little – I work with service providers who are passionate about what they do and help them go from being a generic commodity (one of the masses of people doing what they’re doing) to being recognized as a preferred brand name in their marketplace.  Basically, I help folks like you to stand out from the crowd and become the Oprah of your industry – if that’s the direction you want to take your business in order to spread your message and share your gifts and skills.

So many service providers who love what they can do with their talents, find themselves bogged down with the details of marketing, managing and promoting themselves and their business. It depletes their energy and doesn’t allow them to truly provide the best of their best for their clients. As such, they either don’t do that marketing thing at all, they do it half-heartedly, or they do it the same way everyone else is doing it and consequently, don’t stand out.

I help those same professionals dedicated to passionate service to position themselves so that they are no longer “just one more real estate agent, hairdresser, health coach, chiropractor, housekeeper, dentist, massage therapist, energy healer, dog-walker, mechanic, attorney, handyman, etc.” in a vast sea of  many, many generic “_____Insert Job Title Here _____”  This in turn, enables them to attract an energizing and fulfilling client base, filled with ideal clients that allows them to truly serve those they’re meant to serve from their best, most generous and passionate place … following their mission, creating the genuinely successful business of their visions, making the income they desire, and enhancing the life of their dreams.

What is the difference between a “heart-centered entrepreneur” and a general service provider?

What qualifies someone as a heart-centered entrepreneur or “agent of change” is that they have PASSION for what they do. They are committed to doing good in the world and using their talents to help other people. It’s the difference between “this is just what I do” and “this is what I LOVE to do and I can’t wait to help you, too.”

What can I expect from this blog?

Only the best business advice this side of the Mississippi! Convinced? I didn’t think so.

Realistically, I want this blog to become a valuable resource in helping you grow your business. I refer to myself as a “holistic business coach” because my philosophy embodies the concept of improving your whole self, and caters directly to how your business fits into your entire life.  I believe that improving your business shouldn’t only come from strategy change and marketing, but by combining new strategies with a  simple change of attitude or perspective you can potentially see even bigger results.

Together we will discuss topics such as:

Lead generation



Attitude and perspective

Client Attraction

How to set yourself apart from the crowd

Ways to balance your career and your life

Business trends

Social networking

Client relations


Plus, any topics YOU want to discuss.

While this coaching blog could never replace the value and benefits of my one-on-one business coaching and process, it will start you down the path of becoming a more balanced and satisfied business owner. Using this blog as a resource will introduce you to business coaching and start you on the path towards a more successful, energizing and fulfilling business.

So here’s to you, old readers and new, making the best of your BUSINESS and your LIFE.

Make it Great!