Your Holiday Gift From Me

(Be sure to read to the end!)


Holiday spirit is everywhere these days…on the radio, within all of the displays of stores nationwide, and shining brightly through the Christmas lights that adorn houses and trees alike. As such, I figure I may as well take part in the festivities too, and forego our normal business positioning posts to bring you one with a more festive and holiday theme.

For me, the end of the year holidays, from Thanksgiving through January 1st, are a time of giving, sharing, gratitude and remembrance. It is around this time every year that I really take some time to reflect upon what I have achieved over the last year and what I want to go further to achieve in the next year.

I suggest you do the same. It always gives me the fresh start I need to start the New Year off right. These goals and reflections do not just have to be about your business, and in reality shouldn’t focus exclusively there. They should be about YOUR LIFE. Your business is part of that, but not all of it.

For example, maybe you are particularly grateful for the support that your family has given you over the last year, and you want to make it a goal to be there for each of them as much as you can within the next year.

It could even be a super small thing, like appreciating the lady you get your coffee from who serves you with a smile and a great story every day.

Just take some time to think about what you are grateful for and everything that you have achieved, and what goals you want to set for the next year.

With respect to your business, Christmas is a great time to run some sort of special. It’s a time for giving, and people are always looking for deals during the holidays. Just something to keep in mind…

Now that I’m done doing my preaching for the day, I would just like to say how incredibly grateful I am for your alliance to my blog. It plays a role in my success, and so do you.

Thanks so very much, and I hope that we can continue to maintain and build upon our relationship.

In trying to come up with an idea for a holiday gift for you, it occurred to me that I could get you a copy of my CD: “Turn Conversations Into Clients” audio training program for $5.99. I’m not actually going to do a full launch of the product until probably next spring. And when I do, it’s going to be priced significantly higher than $6. In fact, probably more like ten times that amount. But the $6 covers most of my production costs. So that’s what I’m offering you as your special holiday gift from me. But that’s not all, so keep reading…

So if you fill in the form below before December 31st, I’ll shoot you the link so you can get that for just $5.99 plus shipping.

But if you’re budget-crunched and don’t want to spend $6 on the audio CD, not a problem. I also have another gift. But you’ll want to hurry.

BONUS! for the first ten people to fill out the form below – whether you take advantage of the $6 training CD program or not – I’m also going to send a surprise gift bag. No charge. Just to say thanks for being here, reading the blog, providing your support.

The only limitation on the first ten people free holiday gift is that you have to have a shipping address within the continental U.S.

I wish you the best of holidays.  Be safe, and let’s kick off the New Year right!