What are your top ten FAQs

What are your top ten FAQs?

As you know, I work with small business owners all over the world to help them build their best business, to help them live a more inspired life by working in something that they are passionate about.  And helping them become more visible so that they can share, their gifts and talents and skills and experiences with the people that need and want their help.

I’m glad you’re here.

What I have for you today is what I guess I would call a “Build A Better Business” tip for you.

Keep a list.

Start creating a list of questions and answers – your most frequently asked questions -the ones that you get all the time about the basics, kind of the 101 of your business.

What are some of the most frequently asked questions that people have when they are starting to think about using you and your services?

For example, if you were an attorney, what are some of the most frequently asked questions that people ask when they are looking to hire an attorney?

What you have to remember is that what you are doing is your everyday life but for people that haven’t experienced that before, this may be a once in a lifetime experience. And so what are those frequently asked questions?

What are the basics, the entry-level 101, the general concept that people need to know?

What is it that they need to “get” about working with you in your business?

What are things that they may have misconceptions about, that they may not understand?

What are the top 5 things they need to know about working with someone in your field?

Or what do they need to know about hiring someone in your field?

Just think about that, and start keeping a list of what are the most frequently asked questions for people that are looking to hire you?

You know what they are going to be asking you?

How can you help them?

And then just work on creating some really good benefit-oriented answers to these questions.

Make it a great week,

Build your better business!