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As they say, is the place for people to share what they are willing to do for $5. I’ve hired numerous people from Fiverr to do everything from design a logo, to create a video to transcribe audios and videos. Most of it is business related, but occasionally I’ll have them do something different, out of the ordinary, like design a tattoo from a picture.

Sometimes I just read the Fiverr site for entertainment – to see what people are willing to do for $5. There are some crazy and mind-blowing things that people will do for $5. For example, here’s what’s on page one the day that I’m writing this in October 2011:

I will make a video of my Bunny eating your message for $5

I will draw a cute chibi for $5

I will make a 1 dollar turn into a 100 DOLLARS for $5

I will make this amazing intro video8 for your business/website in HD for $5

I will scream your message while flipping on a trampoline for $5

I will put your logo on a Pumpkin for $5

I will make and send you a soda top bracelet for $5

I will deliver an HD Video of my pet tortoise wearing your website or business name for $5

I will make my fingerpets hold your message or endorse your website for $5

I will mention your website, business, or play ur audio ad, up to 60 seconds, live on my radio show for $5

I will make a 15 second long stop motion video with a 4 word or less message for $5

I will write a poem or rap lyrics for anything you want me to talk about for $5

I will do a Turkish coffee reading for $5

I will dance and sing your logo business or friend for $5

I will make a video of your message with candy at high speed for $5

I will hold a sign of your choice up on a busy Boston street for $5


Fiverr – Gotta Love It!!

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5 thoughts on “Stuff I Love — Fiverr

  1. I found this website, similar to ITs Right now they are not charging any fees to list or sell your gigs. (not sure for how long ) It’s a new fiver clone, but its gaining fast. I like the name, its like “get er’ done”, but instead “GIGerDone” Cool.

  2. nab5 is still good for little creative jobs though, like designing a quick logo or character.

  3. Very true, thanks for bringing that up. There are definitly some good free and cheap sites out there for doing simple and quick little tasks.

  4. I was reading about Fiverr over the past couple of days – My friend just showed me this useful little do-follow gig: .. I got a couple for a recent guest post I put up, not bad do-follow urls with a report 😉

  5. There are a lot of helpful gigs on fiverr, although for the most part
    we try to use them for graphics creation and writing projects, etc.

    Make it Great.

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