Make Money Bringing An Offline Product Online

How would you like to make money by bringing an offline product online? If you at least know how to navigate your way through the internet, you will find a lot of people who can make use of your ability and time.

Notice that some businesses, though they may have a good and potentially saleable product, do not seem to know how to make really good sales. They limit themselves to traditional methods which would probably earn them some decent revenue, but it does not fully maximize the marketability of their product.

They find themselves a good spot in a mall where foot traffic is heaviest, display their wares on glass shelves alongside a long row of other products and sit it out through the day. Yes, it may be hard to believe but there are still those who do not take advantage of what the internet can do for their businesses. If you tap into this sector of businesses, they can be an excellent potential source of income.

Lack of motivation or knowledge are probably the main factors that keep them from exploring other avenues of selling, particularly on the internet. These business owners will most likely be receptive if you offer to take their offline product online yourself. Your role is to open their eyes to the vast potential market on the internet and convince them to make you their sales agent online.

You need to identify first which products among the many will most likely sell well on the Web. Almost anything of value can be sold on the internet but to really make money taking an offline product online, choose your products well. Think unique, one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find products which are of good quality.

If you go for common items such as bags, jackets and apparel, go for unique styles and designs. Personalized items too can attract a lot of views from online shoppers. Do your research. Surf through the internet for the most common items sold online but take a step further and take note of what is not yet being sold online and start from there.

If you seriously consider making money taking an offline product online, take time to really shop around.  Go to trade fairs and bazaars where you see products that are not normally found in malls and department stores. Visit specialty shops and look for unique, hard-to-find but usable merchandise. As you go around, take note of how these stores market their products and check if they are already present online.

Build up your list of potential products to sell and eliminate as you go along. Trim it down to the most unique, beautiful and possibly most saleable items. It is best to start with a few items first to see how well it goes.

Do a simple market study before offering to sell a product.

This study must show the target customers, market size and the market demand for such a product.

The data must help convince the supplier that selling online is a good move or that it is what they need to do to give their sales a boost. Your positive opinion or gut feel about a product is a good input but it will not suffice when negotiating with its suppliers. Focus the discussion on the additional revenue that an online presence can bring them.

Discuss how the selling arrangement will be handled. Be open to suggestions. The best scheme to make money taking an offline product online is to sell on a commission basis. This is convenient and most importantly, almost risk-free for both parties.

You can take the profile and pictures of the products, display and promote them in your website and get a commission for every sale you make. Orders are taken through your website and you in turn, process the purchase directly with your supplier.

Some suppliers may offer you to sell on a consignment basis or supply you with items that can be returned if unsold after a fixed period. Such an arrangement is convenient and cuts down on the shipping costs since you do not need to transact and ship each and every time you receive an order.  However, keeping and maintaining the goods on consignment will definitely require more of your time.

Choose the selling arrangement that best suits you.

As in any other business, diligence, passion and creativity are required to make money taking an offline product online. Remember that with the ease of searching and shopping online compared to actual mall-shopping, competition can be tougher. So always begin by choosing a product well and you will definitely be on your way to earning big bucks.

Sharon McCarley is a freelance writer & researcher for the popular “Teach Me How To Make Money” blog. For more creative ideas and ways to make money, whether you’re looking to earn money online or offline, or to get in touch with Sharon, check out now.