It’s Thanksgiving – I Love What I Do And Here’s Where You Benefit!


I Woke UP Inspired This Thanksgiving Morning.

I woke up very early this Thanksgiving morning, and as I was lying there, drifting in and out of coherent thought, one of the rational thoughts that landed (in between fuzzy waking nonsensical dreams of puppies riding bicycles and singing “Row Row Row Your Boat” J) was regarding what I wanted my business to stand for.

This is something that I work with my coaching clients on in the “D” (define) piece of my signature “D.A.R.E. And Do Good” business success program.

Of course, I’ve done this exercise before for myself, and in the past I had always defined it as “I want my clients to feel nourished and fulfilled by their business, from following their passion and doing great things for the world. I want them to feel tremendously confident and happy with their choices.”

And that’s the first thought that came up for me this morning as well.

However in following that concept through the circuitous route that was my fuzzy waking-up mind this a.m., between the puppies singing another chorus of “…gently down the stream…” God chose to drop a more inspired thought into my head to kind of wake me UP today.

And that thought was – beyond just wanting people to feel nourished and fulfilled by their business (phenomenal concept, but kind of boring in the languaging of it) – and beyond my mission of “I want to REVOLUTIONIZE the way you market and promote yourself,” today I recognized that -> I want people to Fall In Love With Your Business Again (FILWYBA).

And by people, I mean passionate people who are great at what they do, who really know that they can truly impact their clients and help them to create the powerful transformations they are looking for. People like you.

I so love what I do, and I am truly grateful for that every day, and it being Thanksgiving, I was even more aware of that, and in the feeling of this immense wave of gratitude and desire to share that feeling – (puppies notwithstanding) I realized I wanted everyone to feel this way about their business.

I want you to feel so excited that you want to jump out of bed two hours early so that you can get your day started, so that you can really go to “Joy” not to “work” early Even on your day off, inspired to get out there and help those you’re most meant to serve.

Doesn’t matter what you do, whether you’re a sales rep or a dentist or a graphic designer or a health coach or a network marketer or whatever, if you want to love, Love LOVE! your business, and really share your gifts with the world in a big, Big, BIG! way, but you don’t know how, then I need to work with you.

So on this cold, dark and rainy morning, as these thoughts were running through my head, I couldn’t help but jump up out of bed EARLY on My Day OFF! in order to write this note to you. And in doing so, I had another inspired thought. I wasn’t planning on running a Thanksgiving or Black Friday deal or anything like that. If that had been my plan, believe me, I would have been more organized about it, that’s for sure.

But here’s the deal…

Today, as my special Truly Thankful Thanksgiving I’m offering to coach 3 passionate and heart-centered business people at a ridiculously low rate – a savings of more than 80% off my standard rates – for a whole year. (Nope it’s not really a Black Friday sale, it’s a Truly Thankful Thanksgiving sale!)

It’s my way of giving back a little bit more.

My standard coaching fees for a year of one on one phone coaching is normally over $500 per month (That’s my 2011 pricing – $6,000.00 + per year, haven’t decided on 2012 schedule yet.)

But today, you have the chance to apply for a shot at one of the three slots I’m making available at only $1,200.00 per year. That averages out to $100 per month.

There are a handful of caveats though.

  • You do have to apply for the slots – because (to be perfectly self-centered about the whole thing J) if I’m going to expend my time, energy and emotional investment in helping you to build your business and create your position as the recognized and preferred name in your marketplace, it has to be a joyful and engaging experience for me as well.

In order to apply, just shoot a short (3 to 5 min) video telling me who you are, what you do and why you want one of the $1,200.00 coaching slots. Tell me about your dreams, your passions, your visions for your business, and what’s working for you and what’s not. Really lay it out there. I want to be inspired by your inspiration!

Upload your video to YouTube.

Then go to this page: Thanksgiving Coaching Application and give me the link to your video, and I’ll review all of the submissions and see which three resonate the most strongly with me.

You have until Monday Nov 28th at midnight Mountain Time to apply. (If you can’t PayPal me the $1,200 by the end of November, then please don’t apply. While I would love to engage with you, it’s just disappointing for both of us if you are selected and we both get excited to work together, and then it falls through.)

  • Second thing, you have to be willing to be coached on camera. For some of you, this will be a deal breaker. For some of you that may be the reason you want it even more – because of the exposure your business will get when we actually put our show together!

But because I want to start putting together a series so that I can make an even bigger impact in the world and help even more passionate service professionals, there’s a chance I may want to video some (or all) of our coaching sessions and/or your life revolving around your business and our coaching sessions. None of that is in place yet, but I’m expecting to roll that out in the next several months or so, and if I do, I want you to be forewarned.

  • Thirdly, I’m going to want to get honest feedback as we go through the coaching process, as well as glowing testimonials when you start getting great results.

The glowing testimonials are really not that big of a deal, because usually people seeing stellar transformations are happy to tell everyone within shouting distance about how well things are going for us in their coaching program, and I expect you’re no different in that regard.

The harder thing is to get people to give honest feedback as we go through the coaching process. Sometimes people are reluctant to say anything negative because they don’t want to complain, or be seen as less than compliant. But seriously, if something doesn’t feel right to you, you have to speak up so that we can see if it’s something genuine to who you are, or if it’s a limiting belief or fear that’s causing the resistance.

If we don’t look at it, you won’t know and you may continue to operate from a place that doesn’t actually serve you. Either way, if you examine it, you can make a conscious choice about whether you want to continue to operate from that belief or not.

  •  Lastly, you have to be willing to make a commitment – not only to showing up for our phone coaching appointments, but to spending time every week to make conscious choices about what you want your life and business to look like and to really focus on the growth and direction of your business.

The 30 to 45 minutes we spend on the phone three times a month is going to be miniscule compared to the several hours you’re going to be spending really getting clear and considering what works for your life and how you want to do your best work and make the biggest impact and do your greatest good in the world, and then implementing those plans to create your vision.

Why not offer free coaching today? After all, it’s Thanksgiving!

Well, because I’m a big believer in the fact that you’ve got to make an investment in yourself and your business. I’ve seen it over and over again: people get better and longer-lasting results when they’ve made a commitment to themselves, their business and me.

And I’ll admit that I’m human; my ego needs it.

Let me explain.

When I was first starting out, I coached several people for free because they told me they couldn’t afford my coaching fees. Plus, I wanted the practice.

And they were getting powerful results and telling me how awesome it was to be working with me.

But then they’d turn around and spend their money on something else like a trip to a conference, and it bothered me. Obviously I respect that everyone has the right to spend their hard-earned (or even easily-earned) income however they see fit. But it bothered me that they didn’t have the money to honor my effort and energy and time after singing my praises week after week.

For sure, I’m human and I started to resent it sometimes. Not all the time, but often enough that I would find myself not looking forward to our scheduled coaching appointments. And that’s way out of character for me.

As much as I loved the one-on-one coaching aspect of it, it felt like what I was giving to them wasn’t valued or respected when they claimed to be destitute and then found money to fly across the country. And I re-learned the concept that people will find the money for what’s of value to them.

So I decided to start charging them $100 a month. And at the time, the two that I had helped the most both declined to continue with me when it wasn’t free anymore. That was surprising, but that was okay.

Because I view money as a form of gratitude, so when I’m paying the water bill, I think “Thank you for the water coming into my home.” And when I’m making the house payment, I’m like “Thank you for the lovely home that we have.” And along those same lines, if they didn’t value the results that they’d gotten for free, they really weren’t my ideal client.

Of course, I want my coaching relationships to be engaging and productive and fulfilling for both of us. So I’ve chosen to remove the barriers that resentment can create by charging a substantially reduced and nominal coaching fee. Call it anti-resentment insurance. J

And that’s my story – how my morning unfolded. And now I offer it to you with much love and laughter. Just go to to submit your video application by midnight on Monday Nov 28, 2011!

Be Inspired!

Make it a Fabulous!! Thanksgiving and Beyond!!