For Increased Efficiency At Work, Try Organizing Your Office Following These Tips

Whether it is your home office or your office at work, having an organized space will increase efficiency and decrease stress. There are a few pointers that will help make this seemingly daunting task for some much simpler.

Start with your desk. Depending on the type of work you do, generally the only necessary things for this space are a computer, phone, pad of paper and some writing utensils that can be stored in a cup. Everything else can be tucked away in a drawer, or organized in some type of architectural casework. When tucking things away, think about where each item is placed logically. For example, put all miscellaneous office supplies, like staples, paper clips, etc, in one place. Then, put printer paper and extra ink in one place, and so on. This will make your life much easier. A clutter free desk is much less stressful.

With the digital world that we live in, there is no real reason to keep many paper documents. If you are concerned about your computer crashing, there are external hard drives that can be purchased that are used to back up important documents. If that type of file protection is still not enough for you, try using two of these devices, or some type of cloud service. Any important documents can be scanned and saved on your computer, thus eliminating the need for an abundance of paper files. For paperwork or magazines that are important enough to you that keeping physical copies is necessary, make a special place for these in a cupboard. Organize them by industry such as automotive or restaurant if relevant, or maybe by function, such as financial documents and blank forms. Color coding could also work in this scenario.

When you have your office organized and clutter-free, maintaining a to-do list of everything you are currently working on may further increase efficiency. Rank them in order of importance and tackle the tasks one at a time. As each task is completed, put away anything you were using that is no longer needed in order to keep your office space organized.

An overly cluttered and disorganized work environment is not conducive to productivity. Invest a little time and effort into making a system of organization that works for you. Following these simple guidelines will make this task easier. In the long run, you will be less stressed, able to find what you need quicker and will be more efficient with completing tasks.