Defining What You Do: Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd

What do you do?

As business professionals, this is one of the most repetitive questions you will hear, quickly replacing the question of your student years “What’s your major?” It’s one of the first questions asked when you meet someone new. As a service provider, how you answer that question may be the difference between making a new acquaintance or landing a potential CLIENT.

So, what do you do? Or better yet, what do you do that no one else does?

In order to set yourself apart from the crowd, you need to redefine your business into something that is unique to you. For example: Would you rather introduce yourself as a real estate agent or a horse property specialist? As a real estate agent, you are one among many. As a horse property specialist, you could possibly be defining a new category. If you can define a new category and you are the FIRST person in that category, you make the rules! By defining what makes you unique, it enables you to attract your IDEAL clients.

If you were to redefine your business, what would it be? Is there something you do for your customers that no one else does? For some, the answers to these questions are easy. You know your calling, your ideal customer and you can actually visualize the direction you want to take your business.

For others, these questions may draw a complete blank. But don’t worry! As a business coach, I am here to help you answer questions such as these. Together we can find what makes you unique (and everyone, every business IS unique) and work together to make you a recognized and preferred brand name in your market.

Make it great!