Set Your Business Apart Through Positioning

In order to create real success, you need to emphasize and demonstrate what makes you unique.

This goes back to what I said last week about being a commodity versus being a brand name. You want to position yourself so that you are NOT the same as everyone else in your market.

There are a number of mediums that you can use in order to better position yourself and in order to stand apart from the others.

The internet is one of the best places. Things like a business website and social media networking sites are both great marketing and great positioning tools. They are perhaps the best way to reach and connect with members of your target market.

Advertising through newspapers and other local publications is another option.

The thing that you need to keep in mind when doing this though is that you DO NOT want to use a generic ad. This is one of the places where you really need to take a unique approach and to appeal to your target market in a way that sets you apart. Focus on your specialties and the specific wants and needs of your target clients.

Really, positioning falls into play in everything that you do in and for your business. The way that you present yourself is important.

Looking the part and making sure your place of business does as well adds beaucoup points in the mind of your clients. The way you talk makes a difference. Your business card, both the textual and visual aspects, plays a part in positioning.

Positioning is ALL of the things that you do that influence the way that someone thinks about you and your business. It is the steps that you take to create a specific image in the minds of your target audience. It is what you do to create top of mind awareness and to ensure that you are the first one that people think of when they need or want whatever you provide.

If done correctly, and done well, positioning can be extremely beneficial. If done poorly, or not done at all, it can be detrimental to your business.

What steps have you taken to set yourself apart from the crowd? What forms of advertising or marketing strategies do you recommend in order to better position your business? Let me know by clicking on the bubble on the upper right hand of this post or by commenting below.

Next time I will talk about common mistakes that people make with respect to positioning and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Until then…make it great!

Positioning: Molding Your Business Image

Creating a successful business relies heavily on the right positioning by you as a business owner. Good positioning can be the difference between a surviving business and a thriving business.

So what exactly do I mean by positioning?

If you ask ten people, they may all give you different definitions of the word “positioning.” This is because it is not a super simple and straightforward concept. The positioning of a business involves a number of different things, and there are a ton of different strategies out there.

However, in a nutshell positioning is the steps that a business owner takes in order to become the recognized name in specific market.

It’s what you do to create top of mind awareness, meaning that your business is the first that comes to people’s minds when they need whatever service you provide. By using good positioning tactics you can create a space in the market that is essentially YOURS.

That brings us to the next question – What kinds of things can you do to better position your business and to gain greater success?

Well, first you need to dig deep and figure out what you really want your business to stand for and what you want to accomplish through it. When doing this, there are a number of things that you should take into consideration.

For example, what are you passionate about? In my opinion it is always best to build your business around something that you are truly passionate about.

That way, you are a lot less likely to get bored and/or end up hating what you do. If you focus on your passions, not only will it allow you to better serve others, but it will add an element of sincerity to your work that potential clients will see and be inspired by.

I absolutely believe that if you’re following your passions and serving to the best of your ability with your gifts, skills and talents, you’re actually doing your greatest good in the world.

Once you have figured out what you are truly passionate about and how you want to apply that to your business, you need to identify your target market. These are the people that you will focus your marketing towards and the people that you believe will most benefit from your services.

After doing that, you need to think about what makes you and your business different than your competitors. Like I said before, if you do not SHOW that you are different in some way or another from the masses, your prospective clients will not see you as any different from them.

On Thursday I will continue with the idea of positioning and go further into HOW to set yourself apart from the crowd. Until then, I want you to really think about what your passions are and what you truly want to accomplish through your business. This is the MOST IMPORTANT step when it comes to creating and defining your own business.

The world is at your fingertips, it is up to you to mold and create the business of your dreams…


Everything is Marketing

You may think that your business exists for serving your needs. Because of course you went into business for reasons that revolve around you.

Maybe you wanted more autonomy or freedom, or more money or longer vacations or … whatever.

It’s not likely that you went into business for yourself because you wanted to make your life worse.

But here’s where the shift needs to happen for you if it hasn’t yet.

Right here…Are you ready?

It may have started out being about you.

But once it’s past that initial catalyst, your business is not about you.

It’s one of those concepts that are kind of hard to get your head around…

But let’s give it a try.

The Only Reason A Business Is In Business (including yours) … is because it serves a need for a customer. Because if you have no customers, guess what?

You have no business.

Consequently, everything you do in your businesses is marketing—Everything!

Even the smallest things that seem almost irrelevant embody elements of marketing. This is because everything you do in your business ultimately revolves around your customer.

Whether the task revolves around your ability to generate leads or attract prospects or to service your current clients or not, it’s all about attracting, servicing and retaining them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an activity typically considered marketing – like crafting your marketing message and going to networking events – or things that are not typically considered as “marketing,” like customer service, hiring an accountant, or emptying the recycle bin and cleaning the windows in your office entryway…

There are aspects of marketing in each and every single action you take that has anything to do with your business.

Think about it…

Why do you take the actions that you do? In order to enhance your business.

And why do you want to enhance your business?

In order to make it more enticing and desirable to prospects, referrals and clients.

Every step that you take is done in order to better your business in a way that will make it more appealing to, and a better fit for, your potential and current clients. It is about presenting and marketing yourself in a way that brings more people in and keeps them coming back.

If everything in your business doesn’t revolve around your prospect/client’s needs and desires, it should. And I’m not saying that you need to be open until midnight seven days a week, or anything like that. But I think you “get” that.

So…This is where you need to start – in shifting your mindset to revolve around the CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE.

What do they need? In what form are they looking for it? How can I help them get the solutions they need? How is this task helping me to create a better experience for my prospects, referrals and clients?

Because that’s the whole point of your business – to serve those you’re most able to by following your passions and sharing your gifts.



Would You Rather Be A Generic Commodity Or A Brand Name?

In the marketplace, would you rather be a cola beverage or Coke? What about a box of tissue or Kleenex? Adhesive bandages or Band-Aids? Puffed rice cereal or Rice Krispies?

Take a second to think about these pairs…

There’s definitely a difference between the first and the second item in each. But why?

Because one is a brand name and the other is a commodity.

A commodity is a generic and undifferentiated product or business. It is one of the masses, and in the mind of a potential client or consumer, it is no different than all of the other ones in the endless sea of options.

A recognized brand name is automatically preferred by the consumer. Why? It boils down to the recognition factor.

It is the first thing that pops into their head when they are in need of whatever product or service someone has to offer.

Because a brand name is so well known and recognizable and has already built such a strong reputation, it comes with an automatic position of credibility and authority.

There is an implied concept of “BEST” and “NO RISK” with a recognized name because the assumption is that it would not have gained such a reputation if it was not reliable and one of the best ways to go.

Doesn’t make it right, but recognition generally builds esteem in the mind of the consumer.

Think about it… how many times have you chosen the recognizable over the mystery choice? Even though the mystery choice may very well have been the better selection?

I do it all the time when I’m out of town and need to find someplace to eat. I’m more likely to choose a recognizable restaurant chain over a small local hometown eatery. Why? The small local hometown place could very well have delicious and amazing, healthy, home-made options that would be preferable to the mediocre straight-from-a-can-or-freezer, processed food choices that I know I’m going to get at a chain restaurant.

But…it’s a bigger risk to sit down at the local mom and pop diner I’ve never heard of before. I don’t know what their standards are. So I stick with what I’m familiar with: mediocre but recognizable.

We all do it with different things.

When creating and developing your own business, the concepts of brand name and commodity are really important to understand.

If you truly want your business to be successful, you must create a name for yourself. Become recognizable.

Otherwise you will blend in with the crowd, and if potential clients can’t see a difference, then there is no difference between your business and all of the other ones out there.

And they have absolutely NO REASON TO CHOOSE YOURS.

In order for people to think of you first, they must KNOW about you.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to help break down ways in which you can gain greater appeal and increase the success of your business.

This is my true passion, and there is nothing that I would like more than to help share my expertise with you in order to help you reach your true potential.

So let’s get started!

Over the next week think about ways in which you can position yourself to be more visible and gain greater recognition in your marketplace.

Leave me a note in the comments with what’s going great for you or what’s your current struggle in making yourself more visible.

Make it great!

Your Holiday Gift From Me

(Be sure to read to the end!)


Holiday spirit is everywhere these days…on the radio, within all of the displays of stores nationwide, and shining brightly through the Christmas lights that adorn houses and trees alike. As such, I figure I may as well take part in the festivities too, and forego our normal business positioning posts to bring you one with a more festive and holiday theme.

For me, the end of the year holidays, from Thanksgiving through January 1st, are a time of giving, sharing, gratitude and remembrance. It is around this time every year that I really take some time to reflect upon what I have achieved over the last year and what I want to go further to achieve in the next year.

I suggest you do the same. It always gives me the fresh start I need to start the New Year off right. These goals and reflections do not just have to be about your business, and in reality shouldn’t focus exclusively there. They should be about YOUR LIFE. Your business is part of that, but not all of it.

For example, maybe you are particularly grateful for the support that your family has given you over the last year, and you want to make it a goal to be there for each of them as much as you can within the next year.

It could even be a super small thing, like appreciating the lady you get your coffee from who serves you with a smile and a great story every day.

Just take some time to think about what you are grateful for and everything that you have achieved, and what goals you want to set for the next year.

With respect to your business, Christmas is a great time to run some sort of special. It’s a time for giving, and people are always looking for deals during the holidays. Just something to keep in mind…

Now that I’m done doing my preaching for the day, I would just like to say how incredibly grateful I am for your alliance to my blog. It plays a role in my success, and so do you.

Thanks so very much, and I hope that we can continue to maintain and build upon our relationship.

In trying to come up with an idea for a holiday gift for you, it occurred to me that I could get you a copy of my CD: “Turn Conversations Into Clients” audio training program for $5.99. I’m not actually going to do a full launch of the product until probably next spring. And when I do, it’s going to be priced significantly higher than $6. In fact, probably more like ten times that amount. But the $6 covers most of my production costs. So that’s what I’m offering you as your special holiday gift from me. But that’s not all, so keep reading…

So if you fill in the form below before December 31st, I’ll shoot you the link so you can get that for just $5.99 plus shipping.

But if you’re budget-crunched and don’t want to spend $6 on the audio CD, not a problem. I also have another gift. But you’ll want to hurry.

BONUS! for the first ten people to fill out the form below – whether you take advantage of the $6 training CD program or not – I’m also going to send a surprise gift bag. No charge. Just to say thanks for being here, reading the blog, providing your support.

The only limitation on the first ten people free holiday gift is that you have to have a shipping address within the continental U.S.

I wish you the best of holidays.  Be safe, and let’s kick off the New Year right!



My Top 8 Easy and Effective WP Plug-ins

Although WordPress comes complete with some pretty useful and nifty stuff to begin with, plug-ins are a handy way to make it even better! As I mentioned last time, not only can they help you customize your blogging site, but they can also make it much more efficient.

To begin with, what is a plug-in exactly?

I’m gonna give you the easier to understand and simplified version, because if you’re like me, you might not understand all of the crazy techno jargon.

Basically, a plug-in is a piece of software that can be added to a website or program in order to alter it in some way or another. For example, you can find a plug-in that adds your social networking links to your blog site so that the reader can click on the icon and go directly to your page.

Plug-ins can add things to your blog site, change the format of certain parts of your site, or even make it more efficient.

If you want to make a change or add something to your site, chances are there is a plug-in that you can install that will do it for you.

That having been said, below are 8 plug-ins that I think are not only very useful, but that are super easy to manage for the WordPress beginners out there.

1. GoogleXML SiteMap

If you only install one outside plug-in to your blogging site, this should be it. The GoogleXML SiteMap plug-in generates a sitemap that helps Google and other search engines to better index and navigate your blog. Not only that, but it notifies all search engines when you create a new blog post.

This is an extremely helpful plug-in in terms of SEO and if you want readers to find you blog, it is a MUST HAVE.

Even better, it’s FREE…so take advantage of it!

2. Contact Me

It is paramount that readers and prospective clients do not have to search for your contact information and that it is always readily available to them. If it isn’t, there’s a good chance that they won’t take the time to find it.

This is such a great plug-in because it ensures that you will never have to worry about losing clients for that reason.

The “Contact Me” plug-in gives you a form that you fill out with all of your contact info. After installation, a stationary link with that information is incorporated into your blog page.

Do you see the blue tab on the right hand side of my blog post? That is what installing it will do for you. Not bad, right?

Cost for this depends on how far you want to go. The simplest version, and the one that I use, is FREE. With it you get a contact form, unlimited contacts and unlimited groups. If you want more features, there are packages starting at about $4.00 a month and increasing depending on what you want.

3. Subscribe 2

One way to make sure that people who have read and liked your blog come back to read more is to incorporate a subscribers list to, or in effect “like,” your blog. The more often someone views your content and is reminded how great of a resource you are, the more likely they will want to use your services.

The reason that the Subscribe 2 plug-in can be so beneficial to you is because it not only creates and maintains a subscriber list for you, but it sends an e-mail out to everyone on that list each time you publish a new post. It also generates a form for your readers to fill out in order to subscribe to your site.

You can customize the e-mails that get sent out to your subscribers as well as the settings for when the e-mails are sent out.

Subscribe 2 can save you a lot of time and effort and will ensure that your readers remain up to date at all times. It is also FREE, meaning that the benefits substantially outweigh the costs because there are none! ; )

4. Akismet

Akismet comes installed with your WordPress blog site, a perk because that means you don’t have to take the time or effort to install it yourself. That being said, you do have to get an API key to activate it.

What Akismet does is prevent comment spam from being posted on your blog. Although I prefer to go over comments myself and manually accept or deny them, it is a great plug-in for people who do not have the time to put into doing blog maintenance every day.

It is a convenience thing, plain and simple. You do not want a blog filled with comment spam. It looks unprofessional and is overall just a turnoff to readers. Akismet filters out all of your spam for you, which leaves you with more time to focus on other things and a pristine wall ready for quality comments and discussion.

5. Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a great little plug-in that adds your social media icons to your blog site. It ensures that it is super easy for your readers to connect with you via FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social networking sites.

Not only does it allow you to connect to those sites, but it integrates buttons that show how many users have “liked” or followed your through each networking site as well.

It makes it easy for your readers and potential clients to stay updated on what you are doing and offering and will create more traffic to your networking profiles.

6. All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack plug-in is another great SEO tool. It is a plug-in that modifies the options that you have when writing blog posts. What it does is it allows you to add a meta title, meta description, and keywords to your post. These additions increase your search engine optimization exponentially.

The reason why I have not included this higher on my list is because it is not as easy to use as some of the other ones. You cannot just install it and then expect it to work swimmingly for you.

In order to reap the full benefits of this plug-in, you have to put in a little bit of extra work. It is by no means difficult; it just takes a little bit more time, three to five minutes at the most.

Enter in the title of your post, a short description of what your post is about, and your main keywords for better SEO…and voila! Your blog post is set to go and has a better chance of being found by prospective clients.

The basic package is free, or you can buy the pro pack for $40.00-$70.00

7. WordPress Policy Pack

I have just recently found this plug-in, and I love it. Including a terms of use, and disclosure/disclaimer policy in your blog site is very important. However, writing these things can not only be a huge pain in the butt, but super time consuming.

This pack comes equipped with templates for a bunch of important policy pages. You do need to put a little bit of work into it to make sure that each page fits your company and exactly what you want it to say, but all things considered, it makes it a much, Much! easier and less painful process than creating them from scratch.

After you first install the pack, you will need to fill in a form with the necessary information about you and your business. Once this is done, the info will automatically be incorporated into each of the pages that come with the pack.

The next step is deciding which pages you want to be incorporated into your blog. There is a good chance that you will not want to activate each and every page. That’s fine; just don’t check it off when you are choosing the pages that you want.

Simple as that.

You can also edit each page if you feel it does not already address everything, or says something that does not pertain to you and your business, before you put it up.

If you don’t want six to ten new pages created in your Pages menu, it’s simple enough to create one Parent page titled Terms, Policies and Disclaimers. Then you just go in to edit each of the policy pages and select each page’s parent to be your Terms, Policies and Disclaimers page. That way you can set it so that the only page that needs to show up on your menu is the parent page, and each of the individual policy pages can be accessed from the parent page.

Unlike the other plug-ins that I have featured for today, this one isn’t free unfortunately. The package costs a onetime fee of $20.00. Not free, but also not that expensive. And for the time and frustration it saved me, it was very well worth it in my opinion.

Because instead of spending hours creating the terms and policies and disclaimers pages, I spent about 20 minutes total reviewing the pages, and I made a few little tweaks to make them more appropriate to my sites, and it was super simple and painless.

Twenty dollars saved me literally hours upon hours of research and writing time that we would have spent to create our own version of each of the pages.

8. Twitter Tools

Twitter tools can be great, BUT only if you are a Twitter user. What the plug-in does is fully integrate your WP blogging site with your Twitter account. This is great because if people follow either your blog or your Twitter, they in effect get updates on both.

You can alter the settings in order to use it for different things. You can set it up so that each time you make a blog post, a tweet is automatically created with a link to that post. You can also set it up so that recent tweets appear on the right side of your blog, posts are created from each tweet, and you can pass your tweets along to another service.

The extent to which you incorporate your Twitter activity into your blog and vice-versa is completely up to you.


Plug-ins enhance the appearance and functionality of your blog. Above are some of my favorites that are really easy, but also very effective. There are MILLIONS out there.

What plug-ins have you found to be especially helpful? Is there one out there that you thought you would really like, but turned out to be a big headache? Share your stories by clicking on the bubble in the upper right hand side of this post or by leaving a comment below.

Until we meet again…make it great!



Stuff I Love – Kunaki

If you’ve ever wanted to publish your own training CD or DVD, (or even an entertainment one) Kunaki is the place!

It’s cheap, it’s fairly simple to upload your files, and they even have a simple design tool to create the cover of your CD or DVD if you don’t have the skills or capability to design a fancy-schmancy one – although to be honest, lately I’ve taken to hiring a graphic designer from oDesk or to design a more professional looking cover for me.

I just give the designer the dimensions that Kunaki specifies, then when they’ve created my cover, I simply have to upload it and voila´– there it is.

If you want to see my latest, you can see it at Turn Conversations Into Clients.

Now, I have to tell you that there is virtually no customer service at Kunaki. It is all very self-serve and driven by technology – not humans. And they only do single disc products. If you do multiple disc packages, you pretty much have to do each single disc, and then put the package together yourself. Or maybe the better option is to find a different cd/dvd fulfillment place that can do multi-disc products.

This is how they explain the process on the website:

How is digital manufacturing different from traditional manufacturing?

You design and configure your product (case, disc, inserts, cover art, contents) with our publishing software. The software renders a precise 3-D replica of your product and lets you modify and review different possibilities. The software compiles your product’s content, packaging, art-work into a single digital file and uploads it to our facility.

Then a seamless, automated system accepts orders; manufactures, prints, assembles, packages, wraps, and ships your product in minutes.

Digital manufacturing eliminates setup costs, coordination, human error and most labor costs. This yields a constant low production cost for all quantity levels — so you can order smaller quantities with minimal upfront and warehousing costs.


But the pluses are nice –

First off, very reasonable – I’ve never seen such low prices – depends on how many you order at a time, but about a dollar or so per CD.

You don’t have to order multiple copies (although you can.) You can order as few as one or as many as thousands at a time.

They’ll even dropship to your customers for you so you don’t have to keep a basement or garage full of your product and do your own fulfillment.

They’ll include a barcode on your product if you like.

They have systems in place to make it easy for you to sell through CDBaby and Amazon…

I could go on and on, but…

Well, why don’t you just go to the website and see for yourself – just go to, but remember – I warned you: don’t expect anything fancy.

But if you’ve been wanting to create your own product, maybe an audio training or DVD and you want a professionally created product – not something that you duplicate one by one on your CD/DVD writer – then check out Kunaki.

I’ve been using them for almost two years now, and the only issue I’ve run into is when I forget to order at least one copy of my product at least once every six months. Because they delete your files if there’s been no orders in 180 days.

That’s a pain to have to re-upload everything, but really not the end of the world. I’ve decided I’m just going to include it in my calendar every five and a half months, and that will resolve that issue.

Make it Great!

It’s Thanksgiving – I Love What I Do And Here’s Where You Benefit!


I Woke UP Inspired This Thanksgiving Morning.

I woke up very early this Thanksgiving morning, and as I was lying there, drifting in and out of coherent thought, one of the rational thoughts that landed (in between fuzzy waking nonsensical dreams of puppies riding bicycles and singing “Row Row Row Your Boat” J) was regarding what I wanted my business to stand for.

This is something that I work with my coaching clients on in the “D” (define) piece of my signature “D.A.R.E. And Do Good” business success program.

Of course, I’ve done this exercise before for myself, and in the past I had always defined it as “I want my clients to feel nourished and fulfilled by their business, from following their passion and doing great things for the world. I want them to feel tremendously confident and happy with their choices.”

And that’s the first thought that came up for me this morning as well.

However in following that concept through the circuitous route that was my fuzzy waking-up mind this a.m., between the puppies singing another chorus of “…gently down the stream…” God chose to drop a more inspired thought into my head to kind of wake me UP today.

And that thought was – beyond just wanting people to feel nourished and fulfilled by their business (phenomenal concept, but kind of boring in the languaging of it) – and beyond my mission of “I want to REVOLUTIONIZE the way you market and promote yourself,” today I recognized that -> I want people to Fall In Love With Your Business Again (FILWYBA).

And by people, I mean passionate people who are great at what they do, who really know that they can truly impact their clients and help them to create the powerful transformations they are looking for. People like you.

I so love what I do, and I am truly grateful for that every day, and it being Thanksgiving, I was even more aware of that, and in the feeling of this immense wave of gratitude and desire to share that feeling – (puppies notwithstanding) I realized I wanted everyone to feel this way about their business.

I want you to feel so excited that you want to jump out of bed two hours early so that you can get your day started, so that you can really go to “Joy” not to “work” early Even on your day off, inspired to get out there and help those you’re most meant to serve.

Doesn’t matter what you do, whether you’re a sales rep or a dentist or a graphic designer or a health coach or a network marketer or whatever, if you want to love, Love LOVE! your business, and really share your gifts with the world in a big, Big, BIG! way, but you don’t know how, then I need to work with you.

So on this cold, dark and rainy morning, as these thoughts were running through my head, I couldn’t help but jump up out of bed EARLY on My Day OFF! in order to write this note to you. And in doing so, I had another inspired thought. I wasn’t planning on running a Thanksgiving or Black Friday deal or anything like that. If that had been my plan, believe me, I would have been more organized about it, that’s for sure.

But here’s the deal…

Today, as my special Truly Thankful Thanksgiving I’m offering to coach 3 passionate and heart-centered business people at a ridiculously low rate – a savings of more than 80% off my standard rates – for a whole year. (Nope it’s not really a Black Friday sale, it’s a Truly Thankful Thanksgiving sale!)

It’s my way of giving back a little bit more.

My standard coaching fees for a year of one on one phone coaching is normally over $500 per month (That’s my 2011 pricing – $6,000.00 + per year, haven’t decided on 2012 schedule yet.)

But today, you have the chance to apply for a shot at one of the three slots I’m making available at only $1,200.00 per year. That averages out to $100 per month.

There are a handful of caveats though.

  • You do have to apply for the slots – because (to be perfectly self-centered about the whole thing J) if I’m going to expend my time, energy and emotional investment in helping you to build your business and create your position as the recognized and preferred name in your marketplace, it has to be a joyful and engaging experience for me as well.

In order to apply, just shoot a short (3 to 5 min) video telling me who you are, what you do and why you want one of the $1,200.00 coaching slots. Tell me about your dreams, your passions, your visions for your business, and what’s working for you and what’s not. Really lay it out there. I want to be inspired by your inspiration!

Upload your video to YouTube.

Then go to this page: Thanksgiving Coaching Application and give me the link to your video, and I’ll review all of the submissions and see which three resonate the most strongly with me.

You have until Monday Nov 28th at midnight Mountain Time to apply. (If you can’t PayPal me the $1,200 by the end of November, then please don’t apply. While I would love to engage with you, it’s just disappointing for both of us if you are selected and we both get excited to work together, and then it falls through.)

  • Second thing, you have to be willing to be coached on camera. For some of you, this will be a deal breaker. For some of you that may be the reason you want it even more – because of the exposure your business will get when we actually put our show together!

But because I want to start putting together a series so that I can make an even bigger impact in the world and help even more passionate service professionals, there’s a chance I may want to video some (or all) of our coaching sessions and/or your life revolving around your business and our coaching sessions. None of that is in place yet, but I’m expecting to roll that out in the next several months or so, and if I do, I want you to be forewarned.

  • Thirdly, I’m going to want to get honest feedback as we go through the coaching process, as well as glowing testimonials when you start getting great results.

The glowing testimonials are really not that big of a deal, because usually people seeing stellar transformations are happy to tell everyone within shouting distance about how well things are going for us in their coaching program, and I expect you’re no different in that regard.

The harder thing is to get people to give honest feedback as we go through the coaching process. Sometimes people are reluctant to say anything negative because they don’t want to complain, or be seen as less than compliant. But seriously, if something doesn’t feel right to you, you have to speak up so that we can see if it’s something genuine to who you are, or if it’s a limiting belief or fear that’s causing the resistance.

If we don’t look at it, you won’t know and you may continue to operate from a place that doesn’t actually serve you. Either way, if you examine it, you can make a conscious choice about whether you want to continue to operate from that belief or not.

  •  Lastly, you have to be willing to make a commitment – not only to showing up for our phone coaching appointments, but to spending time every week to make conscious choices about what you want your life and business to look like and to really focus on the growth and direction of your business.

The 30 to 45 minutes we spend on the phone three times a month is going to be miniscule compared to the several hours you’re going to be spending really getting clear and considering what works for your life and how you want to do your best work and make the biggest impact and do your greatest good in the world, and then implementing those plans to create your vision.

Why not offer free coaching today? After all, it’s Thanksgiving!

Well, because I’m a big believer in the fact that you’ve got to make an investment in yourself and your business. I’ve seen it over and over again: people get better and longer-lasting results when they’ve made a commitment to themselves, their business and me.

And I’ll admit that I’m human; my ego needs it.

Let me explain.

When I was first starting out, I coached several people for free because they told me they couldn’t afford my coaching fees. Plus, I wanted the practice.

And they were getting powerful results and telling me how awesome it was to be working with me.

But then they’d turn around and spend their money on something else like a trip to a conference, and it bothered me. Obviously I respect that everyone has the right to spend their hard-earned (or even easily-earned) income however they see fit. But it bothered me that they didn’t have the money to honor my effort and energy and time after singing my praises week after week.

For sure, I’m human and I started to resent it sometimes. Not all the time, but often enough that I would find myself not looking forward to our scheduled coaching appointments. And that’s way out of character for me.

As much as I loved the one-on-one coaching aspect of it, it felt like what I was giving to them wasn’t valued or respected when they claimed to be destitute and then found money to fly across the country. And I re-learned the concept that people will find the money for what’s of value to them.

So I decided to start charging them $100 a month. And at the time, the two that I had helped the most both declined to continue with me when it wasn’t free anymore. That was surprising, but that was okay.

Because I view money as a form of gratitude, so when I’m paying the water bill, I think “Thank you for the water coming into my home.” And when I’m making the house payment, I’m like “Thank you for the lovely home that we have.” And along those same lines, if they didn’t value the results that they’d gotten for free, they really weren’t my ideal client.

Of course, I want my coaching relationships to be engaging and productive and fulfilling for both of us. So I’ve chosen to remove the barriers that resentment can create by charging a substantially reduced and nominal coaching fee. Call it anti-resentment insurance. J

And that’s my story – how my morning unfolded. And now I offer it to you with much love and laughter. Just go to to submit your video application by midnight on Monday Nov 28, 2011!

Be Inspired!

Make it a Fabulous!! Thanksgiving and Beyond!!


Global Entrepreneurship Week!!

Although you may already know it, this week is Global Entrepreneurship Week. For the past three years, one week in November has been designated as Global Entrepreneurship Week throughout the world. This year GEW runs from November 14 – 20.

Global Entrepreneurship Week first started in 2008 and has grown to become the world’s largest celebration of innovators and entrepreneurs everywhere. Through thousands of different activities, gatherings and campaigns, people throughout the world join together with the common goal of changing the world for the better.

Events focus on inspiring and recognizing exceptional innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. GEW advocates innovation and progression and supports the unleashing of ideas and taking the necessary measures to ensure that great ideas are realized.

According to Kauffman Foundation, it is all about “spotting opportunities, taking risks, solving problems, being creative, building connections and learning from both failure and success. It is about thinking big and making your mark on the world – doing good while doing well at the same time.”

Although it is aimed at everyone, there is most certainly some focus on the younger generations since they are the future leaders that will create a future for us all.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a movement supported not only by thousands of organizations worldwide, but by iconic individuals and world leaders. In fact, Barack Obama just recently gave a speech on the matter during which he proclaimed the month of November as “National Entrepreneurship Month.”

This year 123 countries including Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Gambia, Switzerland, the US and many many more have committed to participating in this multinational celebration. Over 100,000 events are scheduled to take place, and it is estimated that over 10 million individuals will take part in GEW related activities. The activities scheduled to take place range from huge competitions and happenings to smaller local events.

Not only are they meant to celebrate and promote entrepreneurship, but are a means through which people can network and possibly even find potential investors. I would encourage you to find the nearest event, or create your own!! You never know what you could run into or the magic that could be released from just the right encounter!

Two great sources with lots more information about what is going on this week and how you can participate include and Definitely go to visit either one of these sites. There are some inspirational stories, innovative ideas and a lot of great posts on both. You can even add your own event to the festivities if you want to!

You can also go to your social networking sites to find out more about GEW and the activities near you.

How do you feel that YOU have brought innovation to your work and community? What kinds of ideas do you have for activities that could promote the values of GEW? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the matters at hand, and to learn from your past and present experiences. Either leave a comment by clicking the bubble icon on the upper right hand corner of this post or leave a comment below!

Stay tuned, because next week we’ll be going back to the components of your business website, and we’ll talk about some of the essential pieces you should not forget.

To channel the spirit that Global Entrepreneurship Week is based upon, go out and make it a great week and think about how you as an individual can make a change for the better in the world!

After all, that’s what we’re dedicated to – passionate service!


Stuff I Love — Fiverr

As they say, is the place for people to share what they are willing to do for $5. I’ve hired numerous people from Fiverr to do everything from design a logo, to create a video to transcribe audios and videos. Most of it is business related, but occasionally I’ll have them do something different, out of the ordinary, like design a tattoo from a picture.

Sometimes I just read the Fiverr site for entertainment – to see what people are willing to do for $5. There are some crazy and mind-blowing things that people will do for $5. For example, here’s what’s on page one the day that I’m writing this in October 2011:

I will make a video of my Bunny eating your message for $5

I will draw a cute chibi for $5

I will make a 1 dollar turn into a 100 DOLLARS for $5

I will make this amazing intro video8 for your business/website in HD for $5

I will scream your message while flipping on a trampoline for $5

I will put your logo on a Pumpkin for $5

I will make and send you a soda top bracelet for $5

I will deliver an HD Video of my pet tortoise wearing your website or business name for $5

I will make my fingerpets hold your message or endorse your website for $5

I will mention your website, business, or play ur audio ad, up to 60 seconds, live on my radio show for $5

I will make a 15 second long stop motion video with a 4 word or less message for $5

I will write a poem or rap lyrics for anything you want me to talk about for $5

I will do a Turkish coffee reading for $5

I will dance and sing your logo business or friend for $5

I will make a video of your message with candy at high speed for $5

I will hold a sign of your choice up on a busy Boston street for $5


Fiverr – Gotta Love It!!

Make it Great,