Personal and Business Development: They Go Hand in Hand!

As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of business coaches adhere to the philosophy that “your business is your life”. It may surprise you, me being a business success coach and all, but to be frank – I couldn’t disagree more. My personal philosophy is this – Yes, your business is important, but your life is your life.

If you truly want your business to be your whole life – and you can’t help but live, eat, sleep and breathe your passion at every moment – that’s fine and obviously that is a valid choice. I respect that we all have our priorities, and it’s perfectly valid if someone’s priority is their business. However, my philosophy is that for most people, your business needs to be a functioning piece of a bigger whole. All the other pieces that make up your life such as health, wellness, family, education, spiritual, other relationships, giving back, recreation and hobbies, etc. don’t have to be sacrificed in order to have a successful business.

I truly believe that through balance you can achieve a fulfilling and energizing business, with out having to neglect the other aspects of your life. Your day to day business needs to respect and honor your core values and mesh with the rest of the pieces as a PART of your whole life.

I can’t stress enough how important personal improvement is to starting, growing or improving your business. To some of you, I know this may seem daunting or time consuming. You may be thinking “Great, I have to not only work to improve my business, but now I have to add self-improvement to the list as well?”  Personal development is not something that will take away from focusing on your business, and it doesn’t have to be time consuming at all. Like I said – they go hand in hand! It’s about putting yourself first, realizing that your business needs to function as a PART of your life, and finding the BEST YOU for YOUR BEST BUSINESS.

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