Business Building Tip: Collect Success Stories

If you’ve been in business for any time at all, you have some success stories. You have some people that have had some really good results from working with you, no matter what it is that you do.

You have had some really great accomplishments in your business by working with people. So what I’d encourage you to do is to make a list – create a file of those success stories – people that have had a really good result or really good outcome from working with you.

If they are life changing results, then of course definitely use those kinds of stories. But you can also have really impactful success stories that aren’t world changing type of things.

Maybe nobody got fit with you and went out and ran a marathon. Maybe they just got fit and were living a healthier, more energetic and inspired life.

It doesn’t have to be mountain top, peak of the mountain success story.

It doesn’t have to be those gold medal moments type of a thing.

So make a list of those type of success stories, whether they are big, whether they are small and keep those handy – not only for you to keep you motivated and inspired about what you are doing.

But to be able to use those to talk to other people about what kind of results people have gotten from working with you.

And we’re not looking for only the results, but what is really powerful are the results of those results.

Maybe you’re a weight loss coach, and you worked with someone and you had really good results and maybe she ended up losing 35 pounds in two and a half months or something like that.

And you were really excited about that. And of course she was really excited about that!

And she is living a healthier, more energetic, more inspired life, and she is just feeling healthier and fitter. She doesn’t see herself as an overweight person anymore; she doesn’t even see herself as a formerly overweight person anymore.

Her whole identity has changed to the point where she feels like she is a healthy and fit individual and that’s her new identity – that’s her persona!

Well that’s the results and that’s great.

But what are the results of those results?

Maybe she was feeling so great and so inspired and feeling so good about herself, and her self confidence had risen to the point where she got inspired to go take a salsa dancing class.

She took the salsa class and of course she was good at it and it was fun, but …

She ended up meeting the love of her life type of a thing, so they ended up getting married two weeks ago.

Now that’s a success story!

But not only with the results of what happened, but incorporating the results of those results.

Now that’s what you want to keep in mind when you are thinking of your success stories, not only what are the results.

But what are the results of those results?

And you want good, high impact stories.

Start saving those up, start collecting those.

Make it a great week,