Make Money Bringing An Offline Product Online

How would you like to make money by bringing an offline product online? If you at least know how to navigate your way through the internet, you will find a lot of people who can make use of your ability and time.

Notice that some businesses, though they may have a good and potentially saleable product, do not seem to know how to make really good sales. They limit themselves to traditional methods which would probably earn them some decent revenue, but it does not fully maximize the marketability of their product.

They find themselves a good spot in a mall where foot traffic is heaviest, display their wares on glass shelves alongside a long row of other products and sit it out through the day. Yes, it may be hard to believe but there are still those who do not take advantage of what the internet can do for their businesses. If you tap into this sector of businesses, they can be an excellent potential source of income.

Lack of motivation or knowledge are probably the main factors that keep them from exploring other avenues of selling, particularly on the internet. These business owners will most likely be receptive if you offer to take their offline product online yourself. Your role is to open their eyes to the vast potential market on the internet and convince them to make you their sales agent online.

You need to identify first which products among the many will most likely sell well on the Web. Almost anything of value can be sold on the internet but to really make money taking an offline product online, choose your products well. Think unique, one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find products which are of good quality.

If you go for common items such as bags, jackets and apparel, go for unique styles and designs. Personalized items too can attract a lot of views from online shoppers. Do your research. Surf through the internet for the most common items sold online but take a step further and take note of what is not yet being sold online and start from there.

If you seriously consider making money taking an offline product online, take time to really shop around.  Go to trade fairs and bazaars where you see products that are not normally found in malls and department stores. Visit specialty shops and look for unique, hard-to-find but usable merchandise. As you go around, take note of how these stores market their products and check if they are already present online.

Build up your list of potential products to sell and eliminate as you go along. Trim it down to the most unique, beautiful and possibly most saleable items. It is best to start with a few items first to see how well it goes.

Do a simple market study before offering to sell a product.

This study must show the target customers, market size and the market demand for such a product.

The data must help convince the supplier that selling online is a good move or that it is what they need to do to give their sales a boost. Your positive opinion or gut feel about a product is a good input but it will not suffice when negotiating with its suppliers. Focus the discussion on the additional revenue that an online presence can bring them.

Discuss how the selling arrangement will be handled. Be open to suggestions. The best scheme to make money taking an offline product online is to sell on a commission basis. This is convenient and most importantly, almost risk-free for both parties.

You can take the profile and pictures of the products, display and promote them in your website and get a commission for every sale you make. Orders are taken through your website and you in turn, process the purchase directly with your supplier.

Some suppliers may offer you to sell on a consignment basis or supply you with items that can be returned if unsold after a fixed period. Such an arrangement is convenient and cuts down on the shipping costs since you do not need to transact and ship each and every time you receive an order.  However, keeping and maintaining the goods on consignment will definitely require more of your time.

Choose the selling arrangement that best suits you.

As in any other business, diligence, passion and creativity are required to make money taking an offline product online. Remember that with the ease of searching and shopping online compared to actual mall-shopping, competition can be tougher. So always begin by choosing a product well and you will definitely be on your way to earning big bucks.

Sharon McCarley is a freelance writer & researcher for the popular “Teach Me How To Make Money” blog. For more creative ideas and ways to make money, whether you’re looking to earn money online or offline, or to get in touch with Sharon, check out now.

For Increased Efficiency At Work, Try Organizing Your Office Following These Tips

Whether it is your home office or your office at work, having an organized space will increase efficiency and decrease stress. There are a few pointers that will help make this seemingly daunting task for some much simpler.

Start with your desk. Depending on the type of work you do, generally the only necessary things for this space are a computer, phone, pad of paper and some writing utensils that can be stored in a cup. Everything else can be tucked away in a drawer, or organized in some type of architectural casework. When tucking things away, think about where each item is placed logically. For example, put all miscellaneous office supplies, like staples, paper clips, etc, in one place. Then, put printer paper and extra ink in one place, and so on. This will make your life much easier. A clutter free desk is much less stressful.

With the digital world that we live in, there is no real reason to keep many paper documents. If you are concerned about your computer crashing, there are external hard drives that can be purchased that are used to back up important documents. If that type of file protection is still not enough for you, try using two of these devices, or some type of cloud service. Any important documents can be scanned and saved on your computer, thus eliminating the need for an abundance of paper files. For paperwork or magazines that are important enough to you that keeping physical copies is necessary, make a special place for these in a cupboard. Organize them by industry such as automotive or restaurant if relevant, or maybe by function, such as financial documents and blank forms. Color coding could also work in this scenario.

When you have your office organized and clutter-free, maintaining a to-do list of everything you are currently working on may further increase efficiency. Rank them in order of importance and tackle the tasks one at a time. As each task is completed, put away anything you were using that is no longer needed in order to keep your office space organized.

An overly cluttered and disorganized work environment is not conducive to productivity. Invest a little time and effort into making a system of organization that works for you. Following these simple guidelines will make this task easier. In the long run, you will be less stressed, able to find what you need quicker and will be more efficient with completing tasks.

Small Business? You Need A Virtual Office

A virtual office service can help you maintain a sense of office professionalism while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. From providing receptionist services, to personal assistant services, A virtual office service can help you complete a range of administrative tasks. A virtual office service is hassle-free solution to the management of potentially time-consuming daily office tasks.

They will answer any incoming phone calls, screen them and then patch the calls through to the appropriate associate in your office. We are confident that we offer one of the most professional and cost-effective telephone answering services in the United Kingdom.

Even if you have multiple offices, or are consistently changing locations, your costumers can call into one unchanging number and A virtual office service will patch them through to the appropriate office. This is great for companies with employees who are always on the go, or for work-at-home professionals. A single A virtual office service number provides a sense of dependableness and consistency that your costumers will greatly appreciate.

In addition to telephone answering services (acting as a virtual receptionist) A virtual office service can supply you with a virtual office address to maintain anonymity or to help maintain a work-at-home business. Instead of picking up mail at this address, A virtual office service can forward your mail to any location or even hold your mail for a period of time.

Do you have a busy manager that needs professional, cost-effective help with daily administrative tasks such as appointment making, schedule maintenance, and more? A virtual office service’s personal assistant service can help you complete large office tasks as well as help you organize your busy work life. Most importantly, A virtual office service is always there for you when you need it.

Call now to speak with one of our experts about the services that will suit you best. We are confident that once you use A virtual office service you will never look elsewhere for your personal assistant and telephone answering needs. Contact us now and A virtual office service can create a personalized package designed to meet your specific needs and give you an estimate of the costs. Call now to see how you can benefit from A virtual office service telephone answering services and other office services. We even offer a 14-day free trial and will give you 10% off your first free months of using the service as a way of thinking you for giving us a try.

Whether you work for a large business, or are just thinking about starting one, A virtual office service can help your business grow and succeed by maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Contact us now to start making your daily office tasks a breeze. Get back into the business of doing what you love without worrying about all the logistics. A virtual office service can provide many of the behind-the-scenes services that support effective businesses. Our costumers constantly thank us for making their business lives much easier and cutting overhead costs. Give us a try now! provides telephone answering services and other wide range of services are perfectly suited for start-up companies; small businesses and can even help make large businesses more efficient.

List And Relationship Building

Ah YES! One of the most controversial statements in the internet marketing world revolves around this “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST”. However did you know that the money is only in the list if that list is RESPONSIVE!

It’s what we call relationship building my friends. Building or establishing an online base of customers/consumers is no different than building a customer base of people offline.

Let me put it this way. If you own a shop and have about 10 customers that always come in and you always ask them how they are, find out how you can help, give an honest opinion about the merchandise and products that you are selling, send them email or text messages when new stock or special offers arise, and so on and so forth.

Will not those 10 customers be inclined to keep buying from you? They become basically your friends and begin to open up to you more and even give you feedback on your services and products without you even asking because it reaches a point and time where they feel that the shop is almost like theirs. You get where am going with this?

On the other hand you could  have a situation where you have about 2000 customers and when each and every single one of them come into the shop you look at them with the attitude of “You buy or you get out, it’s that simple!”. Tell me. How many of those customers would keep coming back to the shop? They know the shop, at present they are customers BUT for how long?

You probably are thinking what I’m thinking. They will go first chance that they get, because honestly we are all people and human beings and want to be treated with courtesy and respect.

Now when it comes to building an online list it’s the same thing you have to build a relationship with them. 1st of all you have to have a list of course.

Now list building can be a lot of stress and hassle but imagine….what if you could get people to build your list for you at the same time get paid for doing it??

Would this not be something that would be of interest to you? There are many many ways to building a list and one way that I have found that builds me a list the fastest is by getting others to build a list for me.

Do not have time to write all about it now as that is another topic on its own and could get me writing a whole journal but if you want to find out more on the most powerful and most effective way that people are using to build their list in the world of internet marketing today I suggest you visit the link below.

As always thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my short little article. I do hope that you really enjoyed it.