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Dare and Do Good

Building Your Business To Serve The World Through Heart-Centered and    Passionate Service

Welcome! My name is Theresa Whiteside and as a business coach,  I specialize in positioning heart-centered entrepreneurs (or “agents of change” as I like to call them) as the go-to person in their arena.

I want this blog to become a valuable resource in helping you grow your business. I refer to myself as a “holistic business coach” because my philosophy embodies the concept of improving your whole self, and caters directly to how your business fits into your entire life.  I believe that improving your business shouldn’t only come from strategy change and marketing, but by combining new strategies with a  simple change of attitude or perspective you can potentially see even bigger results.

While this coaching blog could never replace the value and benefits of my one-on-one business coaching and process, it will start you down the path of becoming a more balanced and satisfied business owner. Using this blog as a resource will introduce you to business coaching and start you on the path towards a more successful, energizing and fulfilling business.

For information about my coaching services, please visit my website:  www.abetteryoucoach.com